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A Special Message from Elizabeth to All Our Customers

Seasons bring changes and I would like to announce that a change is in the air here for Art of Fabric. After 8 years it's time to make a change that focuses on doing the things I can never find the time to do, which is designing new artwork and expanding new patterns and the kits. This means downsizing into a personal studio where I can still offer quality batiks and teach a few special fabric art classes. The goal is to simplify life, so I can do what I love, which is creating beauty through the fabric medium and having fun with my students.

You will not have to search far for me as Larry's Sewing and I are trading spaces. We are having sales as we prepare to make the switch of spaces during the last week of July. Don't forget to pick up this year Row-by-Row Kit, which had over 200, likes on face book. A huge thanks to Judy Rogers for making my kits a pleasure to look at and for always being there to help.

In closing I would like to thank all of our loyal customers for supporting us and look forward to having you visit the studio to purchase Batiks or see what I'm working on. I will soon post a few new fun fall classes. Life seems to be rushing by and it's time for me to get busy creating the projects that I have envisioned in my mind done. This is an exciting time for all of us and I hope to see you soon!

As we prepare for this change, we are clearing out our in store inventory. Sales on Thread, Fabric, Notions and more while supplies lasts.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Dillinger